David Munroe, Abstract Artist by way of Glasgow, Scotland shares with us his series, Above The Earth, showing the beauty of earth.

“The Above the Earth Series is a collection of fluid abstract paintings inspired by the natural beauty and complexity of the planets surface when viewed from above.
This collection attempts to portray the intense diversity in color and broad variety of stunning abstract shapes found on earth and hopefully describes how intricate and unusual the earth surface can look from the skies.” – David Munroe
David Munroe - The Nexus
“I’m very much influenced by the environment and the natural world, the oceans and the atmosphere we live in and try to keep that connection with the artwork i create by using carefully considered and environmentally friendly materials as much as i possibly can and i hope that my artwork can be seen to not only be inspired by nature but respectful of it too.” – David Munroe
For more works by David Munroe, be sure to visit his website at DavidMunroeArt.com
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