Four years ago, I found Isaac Salazar’s artwork, who is perhaps the founder of this type of art,  and was shocked by them and thought “I can and I will.” So I started to make my own style book folding and named it OruFun.

As I fold each page I’m constantly thinking if what I’m creating will come out cool or wonderful but there is no real reason to think that way because the process of folding in itself is cool. There are a lot of people that do book foldings in this world, but most of them tend to make simple patterns. In my opinion, book foldings are elegant and they should because it’s a real work of art. At times it is hard to be innovative and make my style of book foldings different from others but it’s really just a test of creativity and will.

Book folding is not a popular form of art yet, but yet it so easy to get started. You don’t need any tools or materials except a book and no skills are needed except being good with your hands.  So once you have a book, you can begin creating; you can begin creating. It can be tough at first to start off, so I highly recommend going on my etsy page to look over some patterns that are for sale at a great price. And while you’re at it, you can look at other stuff I’ve folded and possibly find your new piece of art for your lovely home!

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