Noir Jazz group Twin Danger, formed by  Vanessa Bley and Stuart Matthewman drops their self titled debut album tomorrow, June 30th shares their single and video “No One Knows.

Singer Bley’s voice along with Matthewman’s instrumentation is a sultry interpretation of the rock anthem originally made by Queens of the Stone Age.

As to where the group gets its name, Bley explained “It refers to the alter ego, the part of you that can be wild or irrational or even destructive – but it’s still a part of you and not accepting that is what makes it dangerous… We’re making music to get lost in. It’s warm and beautiful but there are dark undercurrents revealing fundamental issues of the self. That’s what makes it Twin Danger.”

Be sure to get a copy Twin Danger’s album on iTunes here, and hear about news and shows from the group here.

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