The E.P.I.C. 12 (Every Performance Is Collaborative) collective is a growing family of poets/lyricists, singer/songwriters, musicians, comedians, actors and  dancers founded and curated by spoken word poet Nichole Acosta.

During low points in her life, Nichole started attending open mic venues such as The Inspired Word, Urban Juke Joint, and Nicholas Brooklyn where she grew and received vast amounts of inspiration from performance artists of all sorts. After becoming close with artists which she now calls her family, and being in the spirit of collaboration prompted Nichole to start the collaborative The E.P.I.C. 12, a quarterly rotation of 12 artists performing in different locations in New York City, and soon, the world.

“Collaboration causes you to be more creative. It causes you to listen and have a different perspective and it also makes you better.” – Berry

“The Experience of EPIC 12 has been nothing but the very definition of artistic family.” – Duane Ferguson

“The power of collaboration is magical. Nothing short of magical. I never get nervous to go on stage anymore because of these packs of 12 we keep putting together. I just trust in our ability to work together.” – Nichole Acosta

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