Danijel Cecelja – Hawk

Danijel Cecelja is a Visual Artist who studied fine arts and painting in Brussels who returned to his roots by drawing in ink pen. Danijel’s work  is deeply detailed, and incorporates a [...]

Monica Lee – Portraits

It's all in the details. Photo-Realist Artist Monica Lee captures the essence of her subjects not using a camera, but her pencil.

Jonny Ruzzo – Nine Stories

Jonny Ruzzo is a NYC based artist/illustrator. Here is his series "9 Stories" inspired from J.D. Salinger's book of the same name.

Marceau Truffaut – Ni Dieux Ni Maitres

French graphic designer and illustrator Marceau Truffaut draws skulls dot by dot to "get away from the pure symbol to show a violent, fractured skull, where nobody imagines that sheltered life or [...]

Bernard Zalon – Mediacrity

Brooklyn based artist Bernard Zalon shares one of his drawings titled "Mediacrity" that features TVs instead of heads on humans walking in the city streets.

Raquel van Haver – Drawings

Drawings from Raquel van Haver can be described as big, Raw, monumental and dark. The Colombian born, Amsterdam based artist shares some sketches with us.

Jon Guinn – Recordings

Jon Guinn gives us his series of illustrations titled Recordings "depicting projections from media, projections we place on ourselves, and on each other."

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