Q&A with K.N.Ife

We get inside the mind of the NYC based, Jamaican born artist K.N.Ife.

Etienne Lavie – OMG Who Stole My Ads?

French artist Etienne Lavie imagines a world where the European streets haven't been overrun by advertisements, but instead, are graced with classical paintings.

Jae Il Son – Vicious Circle

Animator Jae Il Son illustrates the vicious circle of how people insignificantly make the same mistake over and over, But somehow goes back to them.

Artist Showcase: Tori Does Fine Art Part 2

In Part 2 the Artist Showcase for Tori Does Fine Art, "The Business," the entrepreneur speaks about creativity, inspiration, and the business as she takes it further in life.

Q&A with Lana Yumi Chun

Lana Yumi Chun. Artist. Fashion Illustrator. Designer. What else can you say? She has a style that speaks for itself. Her strokes float and dance around her canvases, and the expressions on the [...]

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