Submit Your Works Of Art

Cultation is a community which shares art (from all art-forms) for the purpose of inspiring others to create and for them to share and inspire someone else. We welcome EVERYONE to submit original works of art for a chance to be featured. Unfortunately not all submissions will be chosen, but we will do our best to respond in a timely manner.

The Basics

We take great pride in sharing your ORIGINAL work.

Email us your original work detailing who you are, the type of art you are sending (Music, Visual Art, Photography, Film, Videos, Performance Art, etc.) with a description of your work. Please be ready for some questions about your work! We love to hear about the artists and their work! We love to inspire, and be inspired!

Every post is accompanied by a photo, so please attach a photo with your submission. If you do not have a photo and are unable to take one then contact us and we’ll see what we can figure out.

Please include links to your website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. along with a description of said work so we can promote you as good as possible!

If we missed anything, don’t hesitate to add/ask. The possibilities are endless and we would be delighted to hear of any other ways to create and share.

Let the inspiration continue! 

Content Submission

We love photos/videos showing the process of your project.

Paintings/Visual Arts

Pictures and/or Videos of visual art are greatly appreciated along with descriptions of tools, paint or mediums used to create your masterpiece. We would also love to have you explain the process or the meaning of the pieces if you’d like.


We prefer links (i.e. Soundcloud, iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp, etc.) or you can send us an mp3 or wav file and we will upload to our Cultation Soundcloud account.


We accept photos accompanied with titles. It would be highly appreciated if you could also give a brief description of it as well. We also love to feature photo series’ (a series of photos that are connected by a common theme). Just make sure to have written captions or descriptions for each photo.


Did we mention that we love links? Provide us with a link of your work and a short description of your Film/video.


Poetry/Writings should be sent with a feature photo that you would like to represent your piece and should be written exactly as you’d like it presented (ex. stanza blocks, sentence breaks, bold or italic words etc.)

Performance Arts

Links to video performances (Youtube, Vimeo etc.) and a small written excerpt.

Everything Else

Send them on over!

Please email all submissions to and we will get to you as soon as possible!