Sharkey Rex - Ursula's Crown

Aaron Perdone AKA Sharkey Rex is a now Brooklyn based visual artist (by way of Rochester, NY) who shares his piece, “Ursula’s Crown.”

“Ursula’s Crown was inspired by the story of Catholic Saint Ursula whose religious pilgrimage lead to the massacre of 11,000 virgins by Huns in Cologne in about 383 AD.  I wanted to make a peace that meditates on a society that would want to use a story to promote itself. So many of our images of women especially older and religious ones, are either maternal or they’re a victim. “Ursula’s Crown” makes comment on both of these archetypes. It’s one of my darkest pieces and touches on the feelings that make me feel the most hopeless in the world.”

“My work is a surreal commentary on femininity, feminism, gender identity and sexuality as well as socially constructed gender norms. It’s almost like I take in all the commercialized images/archetypes of young women, and gay men and spit them back out in a way that empowers and individualizes them. As well as acknowledges their pain. I always make sure to acknowledge the patriarchal, heteronormative, racist American society I live in that’s trying to bring them down, or sexualize them. Ultimately my paintings are all about overcoming the patriarchy or at least dealing with it enough to keep one’s head above water.” – Sharkey Rex

To see more of Sharkey’s work, make sure to visit his website!

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