The new series “Wear We Are” deals with my personal experiences and feelings. In 2014 I moved to Europe from the United States. I was going through a really tough time in my life and wanted a fresh start. So I quit my job and sold everything I owned, put the money into my savings left Texas to pursue dreams. After the initial culture shock wore off, I found myself drawing these crazy, suited characters I would later call “Spacemen”.

After awhile I started to ask myself why I enjoyed draw them so much. I realized that these characters represented me, coming into this new environment. The suits were protection from the outside world and mirrored my feelings of being an outsider.
Many of the suits have elements taken from the cities I’ve traveled to. A street light, or a water grate I had seen while walking the streets would later find itself grafted into one of my suits. This is meant to show how we
adapt to new surroundings.

You will also notice that most of the characters have their eyes closed as if they are praying. To me this symbolizes the search for peace and self awareness. Something that can only be found within ourselves. I like to use newspaper for my work for many reasons, but I leave it up to the observer to draw their own conclusions regarding that.
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