Education is the base of everything. It’s the base of INNOVATION, it’s the base of CREATIVITY, it’s the base of anything new that was ever being made. – Yuli Luvish

Raising The Bar is an initiative set by students and young professionals that turns bars into classrooms. The idea behind the project is to give high quality educational content in an environment that you wouldn’t expect where you can enjoy a beer. Or two.

The project initially kicked off last April with lectures going on in 50 bars in one night across New York City sponsored by Colombia and NYU. After hearing about the project, we decided to get involved any way that we can. In November, this became a reality when we received the opportunity to capture their event “Knowledge Meets Beer,” a series of 10 talks in 10 different bars happening simultaneously in NYC. The topics discussed in packed venues ranged from entrepreneurship in New York, education and the internet age, Instagram and social media, the rising cost of rent, and many more.

In the video above, we sit down with Yuli Luvish and Inbar Dankner of RTB and discussed the past, present, and future of Raising The Bar as they plan to send their talks to other cities in the US, and the rest of the world.

Awesome Lecture Series Brings Free Flowing Knowledge To New York’s Bar Scene – The Huffington Post

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