Hallucination a short animation  by Rachael Park inspired by a six word story from sixwordstories.net called Wax wings, High hopes, Long fall’ (by Tasha), interpreted it in Parks’ way.

The guy in this animation jumps off a cliff and flies. He doesn’t open his eyes at first and it seems like he is flying up high really fast. When he opens his eyes he finally realizes he was not flying but actually falling down. This applies to real life when people don’t open their eyes and see the reality, but just assume everything is going fine. When they finally face the reality, things are often too late. – Rachael Park

My work is usually very positive and has a similar style which is clean, flat, and graphical. I wanted to try a different style for this one because it’s a pretty dark and abstract story. I designed style frames in photoshop and animated in both photoshop and after effects.

Rachel Park - Hallucination GIF 7

Wax wings, High hopes. Long fall. —Tasha(www.sixwordstories.net)
Illustration / Animation / Sound by Rachael Park
Music – Hallucination by Duncan Pittock
– Rachael Park


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