Dutch photographer Paul Brouns creates stunning images of architecture that attracts his eye. His way of looking at these structures revolves around their abstract qualities and capturing them in their geometric essences. We are lucky to have him discuss his theory behind his work.
Ascension-Paul-BrounsGeometric patterns, rhythm and lines. They are driving forces in my photographic work and I see these qualities in architecture. I am fascinated by the distinctive way in which people can create their places for living, work or contemplation.

In different ways I try to capture the essence of what attracts me in this Urban Geometry. It can be by making a particular cutout, by repetition or by combining different photographs in such a way that a whole new reality is created.

Apart from the graphic quality in my work, it is my aim to maintain a certain human scale in it all. The textures, objects in windows, an occasional human figure passing by; they give the images a visual duality between reality and their colorful abstraction.

Being also an enthusiastic lover of jazz music, I strive to create work that is perceived as visually swinging and enchants the viewers eyes.
– Paul Brouns

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  1. Gabyzinho says:

    i am def checking out this patetle next week, had to give nar okinawa a miss cos its too exp but the patetle looks to be of more value