Epic XII founder and poet Nichole Acosta releases her new poem Sisters galvanizing women to break free of the criticisms they receive on a daily basis. “After watching Jana Lynne Umpig’s “Journey of a Brown Girl” which tells the interconnected stories of women in the Philippines, recent events of kidnapped girls in Nigeria, and experiencing one too many catcalls in my lifetime, I wrote Sisters¬†for every human being to get a better understanding of how we treat one another, and the negative and positive power of words.”

Concept and Edited by Nichole Acosta. Filmed by Darryl Ebanks and Nichole Acosta. The video features appearances from her sisters visual artist Jenny Acosta, poet Jana Lynne Umpig, singer Janna Pelle, Singer Lacresha Denise Berry, poet Verandah-Maureen Shepard, and voice-over by David Rey Martinez.

– Nichole Acosta


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  1. Marek says:

    shut up! who lives like this!? certainly not me your wekneed looks awesome! we have been listening to the build-up of this concert for months. sold out! immediately! love that you got these all on your phone! great job!

  2. Apparently this is what the esteemed Willis was talkin’ ’bout.