Nathalia Jolivert - Mon-Sein-Soleil

Nathalie Jolivert is a Visual Artist (and Architect) based in Haiti, whose cultural background resides in the essence of her artwork. Jolivert shares her “Mon Sein Soleil,” which derives from the Haitian art movement, Saint Soleil.

Saint Soleil is Haiti’s first rural arts community started by an art teacher of Nathalie’s from a young age named “Tiga.” And while Saint Soleil is very colorful, Nathalie Jolivert’s says her Mon Sein Soleil is primarily black and white because it stems from her training with “charcoal, ink, paint, crayons, pencil, pastels, etc.”

“The Saint-Soleil movement is one I always questioned as an art form that many foreigners usually rave over as one of the most recognizable art forms in Haiti… So my first attempt to question this movement was “Mon Seil Soleil” with a play of word in Saint becoming “Sein” which means “Breast.”

“I have also for a long time been interested in the painted walls of houses found in Tiébélé, Burkina Faso. I really love the black and white patterns, hence the patterns I bring in my work sometimes.” 

“I am influenced by one of my first Haitian art teachers Yolette Hazel who mostly works in black and white. I also just really like exploring the possibilities of contrast, patterns and composition with black and white. Planning to work with light, shadow and transparency too.” 

Nathalie Jolivert

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