77.7 Animated is a book published by Visual Artist K.N.Ife that documents the style and fashion trends of the late, great King of Pop Michael Jackson.  Started from various sketches of the legend’s album covers, the idea evolved into the book it is today.

Beat It

K.N.Ife - Beat It 2

Smooth Criminal

“Why put this book together you ask? Well, as a fashion designer I hold great respect for his incredible fashion sense and I have come to appreciate with enormity his long time designers and stylists Michael Bush and Dennis Tompkins. This in turn is a showcase of his ever evolving sense of fashion. Me, paying a humble homage to the man inside the clothes so to speak.” – K.N.Ife

Grammy’s 84

K.N.Ife - Grammy's-84

In The Closet

K.N.Ife - In The Closet

The Way You Make Me Feel

K.N.Ife - The Way You Make Me Feel

“This book from start to finish is an illustrated commemoration of the performance costumes worn by the King of Pop in his historic and precedent setting short films. I started this journey with a few drawings from “Bad” and “Thriller” and it grew into this labor of love you now see. The book gets its title from the 77.7 different costumes from each era starting witht he “Off The Wall” album and culminates with the last ever short film performance featuring himself, “One More Chance.” It includes all costumes worn in each short film plus the main tour costumes from each of the 3 major tours, as well as a few other bonus pictures. The .7th is the opening picture which portrays the famous Thriller jacket and sequin glove both iconic in their own right. Each illustartion speaks for themselves capturing his divinity in motion. I hope this book is to you as it is to me… Michael\’s motto personified… L.O.V.E.”t – K.N.Ife


Mowtown 25

K.N.Ife - Motown 25



We Are The World

Blood On The Dancefloor


Captain EO


– K.N.Ife

To see more or to purchase the book visit http://www.blurb.com/b/3838049-77-7-animated to get the copy.

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