“The pyramid, for what ever reason, has been making appearances in my work for some time. I don’t figure these things out, that’s the art, you just let them appear and they will tell you why eventually.

It wasn’t until a conversation this past fall where my Dad mentioned Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs Theory that I became clued into my own purpose a little more. My folks have always been super supportive of my art but to say they understand my need to create so intensely that I sacrifice security, safety, housing, money and relationships has always been a point of mystery to them.

In conversation my father mentioned the Maslow’s theory where it lays out what is thought to be a “typical” person’s list of needs in life. The list of needs is formed into a pyramid shape to illustrate the important needs being the base and widest point all the way up the point of the pyramid which represents the least important needs.The bottom is full of the breathing, food, and sex that even I follow, but the next step up is where my father’s eyes lit up. He realized my pyramid is upside down. I put far more emphasis on the top of the pyramid which is the Esteem, Self Actualization, and Creativity portion. It was the first time he realized that I am the way I am due to a deeper channeling of purpose that I couldn’t avoid. The way most people naturally follow this chart is the way I naturally do not.”

“Maslow’s Theory”
2014 25″ x 28″
Acrylic Ink And Mixed On Wood Panel

– John Breiner
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