Josephine Cardin is a photographer whose worked professionally for Ballet companies, exhibits, state grants, and numerous corporate projects. Most of her inspirations come from paintings, more than photography, and one of her favorite artists, Frida Kahlo is of her big inspirations.

Never To Return is a project I was hoping to do for many years. Frida Kahlo has always been one of my favorite artist, as I tend to be more inspired by paintings than photography. I’ve always connected to, and admired, Kahlo’s work. She herself said she painted what she knew and experienced in life, which in her case was a great deal of suffering and pain. – Josephine Cardin

In my art I’m inspired by the human experience, whether my own or someone I know, it’s usually personal to me.

I was working with one of my favorite models, Erika DeJesus, and we randomly started talking about Kahlo. I learned she was also a big fan and then it just clicked…we quickly decided we’d have to come up with a series about her. I chose five of my favorite paintings done by Kahlo, all of which illustrated a particular part of her life (her youth, love, loss, pain, and death), and created scenes inspired by each.  Erika was incredibly amazing, not just because she looks so much like Kahlo, but she truly got into the character, her life, and her story. It was a fantastic experience and a series I’ll always be proud of.

– Josephine Cardin


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