Jia Sung - Play On Words - CynocephaliCynocephali: [noun] dog-headed

Jia Sung - Play On Words - Gibbous

Gibbous: [adjective] over half-full

Jia Sung’s Play on words is an ongoing series of daily drawings, based on her favorite words.  Above is just a taste of the visual artist’s work on the series taking rarely used words and breathing a new life (and a little humor) using her artistic talents.

The painter/illustrator Jia was born in Minnesota, bred in Singapore, now based in Brooklyn.

Jia Sung - Play On Words - Incubus

Incubus: [noun] a demonic weight on sleeping women

Jia Sung - Play On Words - Velocipedestrienne

Velocipedestrienne: [noun] a female cyclist

Jia Sung - Play On Words - Cephalophore

Cephalophore: [noun] head-carrier

 The word project is an expression of my love for language, and an attempt at discipline. I have a collection of words that I love and never get to use in everyday conversation. So I made drawings where they could come into play instead. As for discipline, consistency is something I struggle with, so working in a (originally daily) series is an effort to address that. Although looking at the series as a whole, it still feels wildly variable. – Jia Sung

Jia Sung - Play On Words - Horripilation

Horripilation: [noun] the erection of hairs on the skin due to cold, fear, excitement

Jia Sung - Play On Words - Troglomaniac

Troglomaniac:[noun] lover of underground spaces and caves

I have a master list of words that I keep in my notebook, and the idea is that I will sit down and pick out a word first thing in the morning or when I get home from work or errands – it’s a project where I go with whatever medium strikes my fancy at the time, and every new piece is a low-consequence space for experimentation and play. – Jia Sung

Jia Sung - Play On Words - Flaneur

Flâneur: [noun] idler, saunterer, loafer

Jia Sung - Play On Words - Sirenomelia

Sirenomelia: [noun] congenital fusion of the lower limbs

Jia Sung - Play On Words - Mongoose

Mongoose: [noun] a kind of snake-eating weasel

Jia Sung - Play On Words - Petrichor

Petrichor: [noun] the smell of earth after rain

Jia Sung - Play On Words - Coven

Coven: [noun] a group of witches who meet regularly

Jia Sung - Play On Words - Defenestrate

Defenestrate: [verb] to throw someone out of a window

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