Ilana Greenberg - Something New

“Something New”

Visual Artist, Painter, Illustrator, and Abstract Artist extraordinaire Ilana Greenberg draws her inspirations from her Brooklyn hometown and the “mid century modern masters.” Ilana is a self taught artist who lives in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn with her husband and 2 children where she finds her art as a “form of meditation.”  The Brooklyn Girl is drawn to “minimal and clean lines and strives for a little imperfection in all of her work.”

I generally work in black and white or more monotone shades. In this series of paintings, I challenged myself to use a more vibrant palette. In Electric Dreams, Mixed Emotions and Urban Pop I experimented with brighter colors layered over a background of black and white. I really enjoy how the colors contrasted with one another and took on a graphic nature. Something New was the culmination of this exploration and truly resulted in something new. My brushstrokes took on a more relaxed approach and the puzzle-like pieces of the other works became more fluid and playful. I think it is important to keep trying new things because you never know what you will end up on your canvas. – Ilana Greenberg

Ilana Greenberg - Mixed Emotions

“Mixed Emotions”

You can view more on the Brooklyn Girl’s Tumblr, or follow Ilana on Instagram for more of her work.

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