After a long visit the Elsie Apacible website, I felt a strong appreciation of the passion that her painting represent for hard work.

As do most Asians, I believe in hard work, and I am committed to painting about Asian traditions and culture, no matter how complex it may seem. The colors, shapes and forms in this online gallery are deep and passionate expressions of my Asian experience – a world of images, beautiful in every way, and one that lives in my soul. Now living in New York City as a full-time artist, I wish to share my work as a tribute to my Asian heritage. – Elsie Apacible

Elsie Apacible - Fishermen“Men Fishing (Provide)”

Elsie Apacible - Lady at Harvest (Fluidity)“Fluidity”

Elsie Apacible - Lady at Harvest“Lady at Harvest”

Elsie Apacible - Ladies With Jars“Two Ladies with Jars”

Elsie Apacible - Mother and Child“Mother and Child”

– Elsie Apacible
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