Danijel Cecelja is a Visual Artist who studied fine arts and painting in Brussels who returned to his roots by drawing in ink pen. Danijel’s work  is deeply detailed, and incorporates a sense of community in his works. The artist’s painting below, Hawk, is from a series of drawings depicting animals “thinking.”

Danijel Cecelja - Hawk

“The hawk is part of a series of animal drawings. The idea was inspired by a chart I saw in a meeting room once:

Danijel Cecelja - Image

This chart was supposed to explain how the two halves of the brain work together to generate creative ideas. You can see all the little people inside the brain working hard on the left side and having fun on the right. I thought it was really interesting idea, as it touches on the whole concept of the Cartesian theater, and consciousness, free will vs predeterminism (f.e. Daniel Dennet is a modern day thinker who goes very deeply into this topic).

I made the brain area a lot larger, so to technically have more drawing room, but in essence it should kind of represent the Hawk “thinking”. By replacing the human by an animal, I play around with the symbolic value that the animal can have in the human world, as opposed to the animal as a sovereign entity, that existed long before humans arrived, yet here we are, “outsmarting” the animals, or so we often think.”

– Danijel Cecelja


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