Check out a short recap of our Jam Session and Open Mic that we held Saturday night (November 2nd).

It was a semi-private event. With a bunch of artists and inspiration throughout the crowd, freestyles, guitars, bass, drums, and an overall good vibe and energy. Congrats to the 30 odd souls that came out and enjoyed!

We were too busy to make a complete video, but here’s what we got!

P.S. If you want to join the action with us next time let us know at!

Peace, Love and Cultation.

– D. Ebanks
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    I have just watched all the video enreits, and I am so excited! I cannot wait until Courageous is out and available my family and I so enjoy your other three movies. You all have touched many lives already, and I cannot wait to see what Courageous can do for families. Keep up the good work, and I know God’s blessings will be with you. You have my prayers!