Creator's Block Since the beginning stages of Cultation, I knew I wanted to write a piece on creator’s block. The irony of it is that it took me about three months to actually put my thoughts together and type it up. Why did it take so long? Well, I didn’t really know where to begin; didn’t have a clue what to write down. After countless minutes of looking around my room and staring at the blank Microsoft Word document that was opened on my laptop, a thought finally came into mind, I had creator’s block. We at Cultation define creator’s block as being in a state in which you aren’t able to proceed in the development of your intended project. Furthermore, we also see it as not being able to come up with new ideas, procedures, conceptions, etc.; sort of going through a dry spell in terms creating. Creator’s block should not to be confused with laziness or lack of focus because laziness is laziness and lack of focus is lack of focus. It appears to be inconvenient for creators to suffer from creator’s block because it usually sinks in when they are on the verge of doing something great. Everything seems to be going fine until you lost your train of thought, like that bug you lost track of amid the process of annihilation in your bedroom. Now, what do you do about it? Do you do nothing about it in hopes of it just passing away? Or do you confront it head on, not knowing what direction to look in? Unfortunately I don’t possess the answers to those questions, but what I do know is that it eventually goes away. Somehow, someway it leaves and one shouldn’t spend that time with the symptoms of creator’s block pouting or angry. Embrace that moment, that moment in which you’re not creating because it will make you be grateful for the moments in which you’re creating. The only time in which beauty, truth, creativity, and you converge into one is during the process of creating. In all its glory, creating is known and yet unknown. There is no clear explanation to what it takes to create something, but your creation is clearly explainable because, in terms of your senses, it is tangible. And now I’m glad to have finally been able to put down my thoughts on creator’s block; putting down everything I intended to be put down. Wait…was there something I forgot to mention? Damn.

– Randy Rojas


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