We link up again with French visual artist Chris Gerbaux for his series Abstract Realism mixing styles infusing his abstract ideas in his portraits.

This is about making appears portraits from a very abstract and colorful background by using almost only shadows except for the eyes cause the regard is what make faces live thought the painting and make them very realistic.

Chris Gerbaux - Abstract Realism - stillpainting

His work seems to be a very mix of influences as Abstract, Street Art, Realism and Pop. Using the opposites, mixing techniques, controlling a part of the composition and let the hazard breaks the artistic codes, this is what feeds his artwork. In his portraits made from photos, joy covet melancholy, clarity meets darkness and mystery can’t be unknown.

When I listen to a musician or look at an artwork, I take something to from the from it and so from the creator and that change myself deeply or not but it does, so I paint what influence me : people and her vulnerability and this comes mostly from the regard. – Chris Gerbaux

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