I got the idea to do this from the hindu festival of color, or Holi. I saw some photograph online of this festival and thought to do a shot with color. I spoke to my friend Erica who so graciously volunteered to be my model and have these vibrant colors all over her.  I used tempera powdered paint that i bought online, got my camera together and headed over to Erica’s last night.  – Carly Zavala

At first i was hard to capture the colors so i ended up using flash on the camera, then my camera was not working so well for me so taking some photos took a while but I think it worked out pretty well.

To edit them i used a couple different programs. I started with lightroom 5 then used my iPhone to edit them some more using the app VSCO (http://carlyzavala.vsco.co) .  If you’re not familiar with it i suggest looking into it. Its similar to instagram but much better in my opinion. There are some pretty phenomenal photographers on there.

Carly Zavala - A Taste of Color - Fall

– Carly Zavala
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