Brooklyn. The stomping grounds of many of artists and trend setters located in New York City and long been the residence of many creatives past and present. On Friday April 17th, in Bushwick housed over 40 artist’s creations under one roof in the appropriately titled Brooklyn Is The Future Exhibit.

Brooklyn Is The Future is a 2 week long exhibit/charity event open to the public that features many artists and styles with both indoor and outdoor visuals. Although each individual artists are blessed with different techniques, all maintain a “familiar thread of work that flows cohesively throughout the theme of passion, spirit or consciousness in reference to how we all see Brooklyn and its correlation to the future.”

All contributing artists on display are: Appleton, Ben Angotti, BK Foxx, Cern, Chris Soria, Col Walnuts, Cozmik Slop, Damien Mitchell, Danielle Mastrion, Eelco, Ghost, Giz, Ivan Orama, JayShells, Just, Justin Carty, Lexi Bella, Lmnopi, Mason Eve, Marc Evans, Misha T, Mr. Prvrt, N. Carlos Jay, Nepo, Pesu, Rocko, Rubin 415, Savior Elmundo, Skize, TMO Plater, Zimer, Ms. Zukie, Nepo, Phetus, Li-Hill

Curated by N Carlos JBrooklyn Is The Future is located in Bushwick’s The Vasquez Building at 93 Forrest Street in Brooklyn with a closing reception on April 26th.

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