Bara Prasilova is an exceptional photographer and artist from Prague whose adoption of surrealistic images plays with the mind of its viewers in a humorous, yet dark way. The talented photog shares with us her personal series, Evolve, where Prasilova uses her subject’s long hair to give us a new perspective to the viewer.

In the usual sense the word ‘Evolve’ means a development, a sequence of events, referring forward
to the future. To me, the future is strongly connected to the past and I need to explore my history to be
able to make a step forward. Through my photographs I have been trying to understand human relationships and connections: long hair symbolises the invisible strings we use to strap somebody
to us or, perhaps, the opposite, to let somebody loose. They are the threads of our emotions, worries
and fears that we are affraid to loosen like hair.
– Bara Prasilova
“A key role in her work plays her memory, mixture of real and fictional as well as her sense of absurdity. Her visual world consists of imaginary memories of what never happened and explorations of what could have happened if we dropped the habit of drawing our own limits. Her photographs have a characteristic slightly somber and magical atmosphere and humor, which is obvious more or less, depending on specific projects. Her objects are only mediators of the story, the role models.”
*This series was made for Hasselblad Masters Book published by teNeues.*
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