Aida Miro – ANIMA

Visual artist and painter Aida Miro opens her new solo show, ANIMA in New York City.

Q&A with Laura Hankin

Novelist Laura Hankin shares her story, thoughts, and inspirations behind her first book, The Summertime Girls.

Q&A With Miss Zukie

Amazing Visual Artist Miss Zukie shares her story on the creation of Zukies, and gives advice on how to make it in art with Cultation.

Danijel Cecelja – Hawk

Danijel Cecelja is a Visual Artist who studied fine arts and painting in Brussels who returned to his roots by drawing in ink pen. Danijel’s work  is deeply detailed, and incorporates a [...]

Raising The Bar – Knowledge Meets Beer

We sit down with Yuli Luvish and Inbar Dankner, of RTB and discussed the past, present, and future of Raising The Bar as they plan to send their talks to other cities in the US, and the rest of [...]