22 year old from France, Asaro Cinderella is an artist who belongs to the “Dirty Art movement.”

I created the Dirty Art to break this come back to academical art. For me, art is a way to question your feelings and mind. I’m not here to answer questions, but to question the viewer. I don’t care if my art dirty and not ‘beautiful’ because I don’t make art to make nice stuff. My art is about sens, profundity, and dirt. I love to break the law. – Asaro Cinderella 

My Sans Visage (Faceless) Series defined my vision: I use different mediums like paintings, drawings, digital drawings and sculptures to search for a better way to refine the portrait in a dirty way. Because everybody has a wild and bad side that is visible on their faces, I’m here to make it out.I made it fast with black paint or pen to extract the main features of the face.

– Asaro Cinderella


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