Barcelona, Spain native Visual Artist Adrián Sánchez Garrido Calella shares a series of very personal portraits. Using an array of lines, shapes, and colors, Adrián forms a unique perspective on the models in his portraits.

“All the training I received was seeing my father working with metal, and creating sculptures with his hands. I am completely self-taught. My work is marked by an intense life emotionally and while it lacks technical logic, my inspirations are my father and my sister with whom I’ve lost both to cancer, Picasso and Bacon.”

“Now at 32 and with vitals absolutely overwhelming my experiences, my art is born.  My work is born where I express without censorship or any pretension, everything through what I have lived and have learned in this marvel called LIFE.”

“My way of working is so simple as to allow that my feelings flow and to use the lines, geometric forms, faces, and colors to form gestures. Life situations and artistic messages where my essence appears on the linen, paper or the rubber. The color is for my essential one. I need from the magic and psychology implied to transmit better my being. I give thanks to the color for helping myself to it.” – Adrián Sánchez

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