Our Mission

Cultation collaborates with creatives to capture and enhance the experience of culture. We collaborate with them to develop, cultivate, and to execute visual representations of their ideas and/or brand.

We’ve provided a platform to showcase artist’s works using original curated content through Visual Art, Music, Film, Photography, Poetry, Fashion, Performance Art, etc. from artists from around the world.

As the viewer, you’re given an in depth look at our artists and culture around us. You get to know the inner workings of our hand-picked artists, and learn about the influences of culture.

Create. Share. Inspire. Art. Experience. Culture.

Who We Are

  • Darryl Ebanks
    Darryl Ebanks Creative Director

    Darryl Ebanks, also known as D. Ebanks and is a Film Maker, Photographer, Director, Photo/Video Editor, Designer, Cultivator, or quite simplyput… Artist. He hopes to create a platform where everyone will get the chance to be themselves artistically, express their ideas, and inspire others to contribute art to this world.

  • Randy Rojas
    Randy Rojas Creative Director

    As the cookie aficionado of Cultation, Randy hopes to help establish a habitat in which people who do and don’t produce any form of art can take part, while also producing authentic and fine quality work that viewers will enjoy reading. He also moonlights as a Wilmer Valderrama on Tuesdays.