Q&A With Miss Zukie

Amazing Visual Artist Miss Zukie shares her story on the creation of Zukies, and gives advice on how to make it in art with Cultation.

Stephen Hall – Back To Nature

New York City based Contemporary Artist Stephen Hall has featured his works in galleries around the world since the 80s. His brand of art is filled with color, contrasted with a strong sense of [...]

Peera Maytha – Vivid Sydney

We are fortunate to get this stunning photo from exploring the globe founder, Peera Maytha. Find out how this stunning photo came to be.

Q&A With Matt Gondek

We got to pick Matt Gondek's brain as he talked about his love for obliterating his pop culture subjects.

Sarah Sole – Paintings Of Hillary

Stemming from a place of obsession in 2008, Sarah Sole has created some lighthearted work that reflects her views on this presidential candidate.